Hello! I'm Elena, founder of Hobby Kitchen

Hobby Kitchen was born in 2003, when finally
I decide to pursue my dream of being a cook. I wanted to be one since I was little, and at home they encouraged me to study an economics degree so I could later "pursue my hobby" of cooking.

After starting a family with 4 children, I began training to become a Senior Technician in Cooking, Dietetics and Nutrition Management. After years of experience in different kitchens and teaching courses, I founded my personal project Hobby Kitchen.

I have subsequently completed my training with a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Neurogastronomy from the Applied Neurosciences Academy.

I specialize in teaching cooking and nutrition classes for beginners of all ages (children, teenagers and adults), online and in person, individually or in groups.

My Gastronomic Coaching approach is born from an intention to train and accompany, with passion and effort, all my students and clients towards conscious eating, involving the 5 senses.

I want my students to obtain the necessary tools to be autonomous in the kitchen and enjoy the entire process. From the moment of planning a weekly menu, through cooking, to plating.

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