Take charge of your health

At Hobby Kitchen we offer training and nutritional support applying the principles of neurogastronomy, we work to give you the tools to create new unique, memorable and sustainable moments around the table, taking care of your health and well-being.

Elena de Tapia Ruano, profesora de cocina
Elena de Tapia-Ruano, founder of Hobby Kitchen

Together we will improve your diet, we will cook and you will learn new basic culinary techniques, always taking care of your nutrition.  

In our courses you will learn culinary techniques in a practical and easy way while acquiring healthy habits and dietary patterns, through our own methodology adapted to children, young people and adults.

We help you achieve conscious eating

At your side, an expert in nutrition and cooking will guide you and help you bring out everything you have inside, emotions and feelings. You will put your body, heart and mind when choosing, preparing and consuming food. You will immerse yourself in the colors, textures, aromas, flavors and even sounds produced by drinking and eating.

  • Online cooking courses
  • In-person cooking courses
  • Dietary support plans


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